Ministry of the Environment and Housing

Charlotte House,

Charlotte Street

P. O. Box N-275

Nassau, N.P., The Bahamas

Phone: (242) 322-6005

Fax: (242) 326-2650

The Hon. Kenred Dorsett, Minister of the Environment and Housing

Camille Johnson, Permanent Secretary

Department of Environmental Health Services

Farrington Road

P. O. Box SS 19048

Nassau, N.P., The Bahamas

Phone: (242) 322-8037; (242) 323-2295

Fax: (242) 322-8120

Melony Mckenzie, Director

Bahamas National Geographic Information Systems (BNGIS) Centre

Bay & Armstrong Streets

P O Box N 3040

Nassau, N.P., The Bahamas


Phone: (242) 326-8536, (242) 326-8562 /3/4

Fax: (242) 326-8535

Carol Ann Albury, Director

Department of Housing

Charlotte House,

Charlotte Street

P.O. Box N275

Nassau, N.P., The Bahamas

Phone: (242) 302-5800/4, (242) 302-5816

Fax: (242) 323-3737 or (242) 323-6133

Bahamas National Pride Association

Fort Charlotte

Nassau Bahamas

Phone: (242) 322-3330

Fax: (242) 356-0406

Joanne Johnson, Director 

Bahamas Mortgage Corporation

Russell Rd,

Oakes Fld

P O Box N 887

Nassau, N.P.,

The Bahamas

Mrs. Sandra King-Storr, Managing Director

The Nature Conservancy

#6 Colonial Hill Plaza

Thompson Blvd. A

P.O. Box CB 11398

Nassau, New Providence

The Bahamas

Phone: 1 (242) 326-0024

Fax: 1 (242) 327-2417


Eleanor Phillips, Director – Northern Caribbean

Bahamas National Trust

Main Headquarters

P. O. Box N-4105

The Retreat Village Road

Nassau, Bahamas

Phone: (242) 393-1317

Fax: (242) 393-4978

Toll Free: 1-866-978-4838


Eric Carey, Executive Director

Cheri Wood, Outreach Officer (Grand Bahama)


P.O Box CB-11005 Unit 11

Caves Professional Center, West Bay St. & Blake Road

New Providence,

The Bahamas

Phone: (242) 327-9000


Casuarina McKinney-Lambert

Friends of the Environment

PO Box AB 20755

Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas

Phone: (242) 367-2721

Fax: (242) 367-0722


Kristin Williams, Executive Director

Olivia Patterson, Program Coordinator

Andros Conservancy and Trust

P.O.Box FC 23338

Fresh Creek

Andros, Bahamas

Phone: 1 (242) 368-2882


Peter Douglas, Executive Director

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