Forestry Unit

The Forestry Unit of the Ministry of the Environment and Housing is in charge of sustainably managing The Bahamas’ extensive natural forest resources.

The Bahamas has considerable natural forest resources, comprising pine forests, coppice hardwoods and mangrove forests, with approximately 80% of forest resources on state lands (Crown land) and the remaining 20% on private lands. Pine forest is considered the most productive of the three vegetation types, and is a protected species. Coppice forests are found in central and southern Bahamas, with the mangrove ecosystems predominating on the leeward shores of most islands. Forest resources offer opportunities for biodiversity conservation, ecotourism, soil and water conservation, microclimate regulation and climate change, agro-forestry development and environmental enhancement.

The Director of Forestry and the Forestry Unit carry out the provisions of the Forestry Act, which was enacted in 2010 for the long term sustainable management of all types forests in the Bahamas.

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