The Bahamas Public Parks and Public Beaches Authority

The Bahamas Public Parks and Public Beaches Authority was formed by an act of parliament in 2014. The mandate of the authority is to control, plan, and design, develop, administer, manage and maintain public parks and public beaches.

The BPPPBA is responsible for:

  • conserving the natural beauty, shape and features of public parks and public beaches
  • protecting and preserving animals, plants and other organisms within the public parks and public beaches
  • preserving objects and places of aesthetic, historical or scientific interest
  • removing derelict objects from any park or beach
  • maintaining public access to beaches and provide lifeguard services
  • maintaining green verges, roundabouts, open green spaces, parks and beaches ensuring sanitary and clean conditions.

Since its inception, the Authority has completed:

  • the clean-up of the Bain & Grants town community;
  • the introduction of park wardens on public parks;
  • the refurbishment and rededication of Frances Mother Butler park;
  • upgrades at the Percy Munnings park in sunset park;
  • refurbishment of the Yellow Elder Gardens community park;
  • refurbishment of the Exuma basketball court;
  • clean up of the Nassau botanical gardens;
  • redevelopment of the go slow bend;
  • the provision of lifeguards at public beaches;
  • the redevelopment of long wharf beach;
  • trimming of casuarina trees in New Providence and constructing new stalls at Long Wharf Beach.
Bahamas Public Parks and Public Beaches Authority
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