Youth Environmental Corps.

The Youth Environmental Corps is an apprenticeship programme that will provide training for Bahamians in the developing Blue and Green economies. The programme is open to Bahamians between the ages of 17-40 and will take place over the next five years.  Upon graduation from the programme, apprentices will be eligible to apply for jobs in the technical and administrative units of the Forestry Unit, The Bahamas Public Parks and Public Beaches Authority and The Bahamas National Trust.

High School graduates will receive customised academic training as well as practical training provided by The Bahamas National Trust and the Forestry Unit, in conjunction with the United Sates Park Service, the United Sates Forest Service, Bahamas Host, BTVI and the National Training Agency. Specifically, apprentices will be provided training in the fields of construction, painting, landscape, maintenance, forestry and park warden services, as well as mandatory work force preparation, orientation to the Bahamian environment industry and ecosystem management.

The Forestry Unit is expected to receive 200 graduates from the programme over the next five years. The Bahamas Public Parks and Public Beaches Authority is expected to engage 100 to 300 young people for training as wardens and staff for the proposed Lake Killarney National Park and The National Heroes’ Garden at the Botanical Gardens.

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