Expanded Marine Areas

The Bahamas is committed to preserving the ecosystems around our islands which are home to some of the most unique and amazing marine life in the world. The Bahamas Protected Areas Fund Act of 2014 ensured that support will be available to allow for biodiversity conservation; the conservation and protection of water resources, wetlands, or blue holes; as well as degraded or threatened ecosystems among other important marine priorities. Under the leadership of Minister Dorsett, The Bahamas Marine Protected Area Network has expanded the marine protected areas over 6 times from 2 million acres to more than 13 million acres.

A Marine Protected Area is an area of the ocean in which human activity is restricted to varying degrees to conserve the natural environment, and any cultural or historical resources that may require preservation or management.

Marine Protected Areas have been established with much success in other locations around the world and have proven to have benefits not just for the environment, but for future generations of inhabitants. Preserving biodiversity means a better future for all.

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